Welcome to VideoNautica!

We are a video producer and clearinghouse for rapid response to a wide variety of clients — from Bed and Breakfast owners to real estate brokers to small businesses of all sizes.

Below is a recent example of what we do. It’s currently running as an in-line ad that prerolls before a targeted viewer can watch the video they’ve selected.

As an example of how cost effective this kind of marketing is, the video reaches an estimated 10,000 highly targeted women viewers each month in an age range between 45 and 65 years of age, affluent, business-driven (and probably stressed), and who are self-admitted “travel buffs,” making them the ideal candidate to become an Innkeeper!

Give a look and listen (note the attention-grabbing, critical first five seconds, which must capture viewers’ attention before they can click away).

Please contact me directly if you feel we can be of service to you! Reach me at:

Thanks! Don Sloan, Founder, VideoNautica.com